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good windchills. livermore and santa rosa reporting windchills in the 20s. it's cold for some but a dry forecast this week. you get a good look at that offshore right there. everything going off the coast. that means temperatures anywhere from 30s almost upper 20s to near 50. that 50 is half-moon bay with an offshore breeze. santa rosa 31. that puts their windchill 27. and livermore 26 with an east wind. you can see some of the north wind at napa 8. fairfield north. northeast at oakland. gives you an idea of what is going on. temperatures once they get going will warm up. the warmest temps will be coast and bay or santa rosa which benefits from that north wind. sunny and breezy today. a cold, cold morning. 50s and 60s. low to mid. in fact, this may be the coolest day of the week. we will see warmer temps kick in on tuesday and carry us right probably into friday. pretty good fine line here. each day temps will be warming up here. high pressure sets in on the west coast. over all it looks like a quiet pattern. >>> time now 6:10. bracing for a doctor shortage here in california. what is c
at the pulsa rosa ranch south of palm dale early this morning. all three men on board were killed. the helicopter were being used for an untitle work. >>> the stampede happened as millions were making their way for. those who bathe in the conjoined waters are cleansed of their sins and are given blessings that extend through many generations. this is the fifth stampede since 1940. >>> two separate attacks in thailand killed five soldiers and wounded five others. tonight the government says islamic mil -- militants are believed to be responsible. >>> and in italy it was the battle of the oranges, the orange throwing fest is part of an ancient six day carnival that commemorate it is city's defiance against a 12th century tyrant who tried to rape a commoner on eve of her wedding. well the woman ended up decapitating that ruler and the oranges, a symbol of his head. >>> the monks encouraged those gathered to try to remember the powerrer of mindfulness, to nourish the seeds of compassion. >>> in melbourne australia thousands took part of the celebration. it's the year of the water sna
and tomorrow. right know, 60 in santa rosa, san francisco, 63. los gatos, 59, 56 in san jose. here's a look at the forecast. cold again tonight. especially in the north and east bay protected valley areas where we'll see the inland frost. a cold start for monday and then clear out nicely tomorrow afternoon and then gradually warm wednesday, thursday, and friday. right now looks like thursday and friday, some parts of the bay area close to 70 degrees. tonight, a chance of some frost in the north bay. temperatures there, napa, santa rosa, right near the freezing mark. so get ready for frost development. san francisco, 43. 40, oakland. 35, san jose, livermore, 32 degrees. high pressure continuing to build in, and it's helping to push the clouds off the coast. we have a slight offshore wind component, so as this high continues to build in, we'll continue to keep things on the try side, and each day we'll begin to warm up. and as i said, the latter part of the work week when temperatures will be the warmest. tomorrow, here's the highs. how about 64 for clear lake, 64, santa rosa, san francisco,
th birthday of our dear sister rosa parks. as our country continues to celebrate the beginning and as our country continues to celebrate the beginning of the second term of our great president, president barack obama. now, it's easy to take for granted the progress that we've made as a country because we are forever looking to solve today's problems and as we continue to meet tomorrow's challenges as we shape our future. but what it is, it's definitely worthwhile to take a look back at the great works of our predecessor and the brave men and women who have paved the way for progress that we enjoy here in the 21st century. and if you look around, many of those men and women are right here with us in the rotunda today. we remember the people who braved police dogs and fire hoses turned against them by their own government officials in the south, people who believed that an idea -- believed in an idea that we're all created equal and that we're willing to risk and that we're willing to risk their life in the purchase soul of a lofty promise in america. today we celebrate black his
birthday of rosa parks. and i think we will be voting on a reduction today to recognize rosa parks. the other thing i want to speak today, i am the board representative for the retirement system when is dedicated to the trust act as well as distributing benefits. i want to shed some light on this process. first it is the policy it's a long-standing policy of this board to engage within a company and our ability to use our proxy to appeal to their human night and second to promote social rights and interests and third being investment restrictions and that's the selling off of our assets. we do have a policy from south african doing investments also in ireland. so i want to let supervisor to let you know on the requirement board we're going to be working together. and last month we made a request to adopt president obamas policy on how we're investing our money on firearms. it looks like the board is on the same track of thinking as the members of this chamber. thank you very much for your time >> mr. president, seeing no other names on the roster that concludes the call. >> i wan
, volvemos . >> la noticia de la renuncia del papa ha causado mucho impacto, blanca rosa vílchez recogió reacciones en nueva york. >> el papa benedicto xvi visitó nueva york en abril de 2008, miles lo recibieron, este sacerdote fue parte de la comitiva. >> Él ha dicho que en estos tiempos se necesita alguien para soportar grandes transformaciones. >> son 27 millones los católicos en estados unidos. >> en las iglesias se hicieron misas. >> Últimamente han salido muchas cosas que no se esperan y tal vez un peso tan grande, no soportó tener el cargo. >> hay quienes se preguntan por su remplazo. >> era buena persona, pero ojala quien lo reemplace sea mejor que él. >> necesitamos un papa más moderno, más liberal ya que los tiempos están cambiando. >> hoy el vínculo de los católicos es con el lado humano y la máxima autoridad de la iglesia católica para entender los motivos de la renuncia, en nueva york blanca rosa vílchez univisión. >> ahora se preguntan ¿quién podría ser el nuevo papá? y dan nombres del nuevo pontífice y la pregunta clave es ¿quién será su próx
the way to coast it is quiet. now, a look at the temperatures i updated at 5:00, frosty around santa rosa and 32 and a load of mid-30's inland, to 40's around fairfield, and mid 30's around redwood city, and upper 30's in san jose and half moon bay. 48 in san francisco for the warm spot. mid-to-upper 30's around monterey bay and 32 in gilroy so frost there, too. sunny and mild is what we will have this afternoon, but what we will have just about every kay this week as i see no strong storms on the horizon bringing us much needed rain and much needed snow. overnight it will be clear and cool and chilly because of the lack. cloud cover and the dry air mass and lack of wind. today, compared to average we will be two degrees warmer in live more and oakland, 63, napa is one degree warmer and right where we should be in napa and san jose, and san francisco is 359 and two degrees cooler-than-average. we will have 50's along the coast into san francisco and low-to-mid 60's for the rest of us under sun. as we head to the monterey bay, monterey, 57 and low 60's for the bay and inland. a lot of mid-
. santa rosa, 64. plenty of sunshine. san rafael today, 61. 60 in san francisco. half moon bay, cold start this morning, 54. we had 6 61 in antioch. right now temperatures starting to come down in the low 50s. even half moon bay, clear sky, 48 degrees. san francisco 52. 52 in napa. antioch, 56, and 52 in san jose, folks, here's a look at what to expect this week. cold again tonight so the inland areas such as napa, sonoma, overnight temperatures this morning in the upper 20s. you'll do it again tonight. so expect inland frost in those locations. cold start for monday and then look for a mild afternoon and then each day this week, temperatures will slowly start to warm up. by thursday and friday, we could actually be talking about 70s around here. here's a look at the cold overnight temperature for you in the north bay and east bay. numbers this evening, tomorrow morning, i guess i should say, hovering near the freeze mark. 43 for san francisco, half moon bay, 36. clear sky. and san jose, 35. this is the setup. high pressure starting to build in. a slight north to northeasterly wind compone
if not for rosa parks. rosa parks made martin luther king possible. (applause) >> and i believe that those four students in greensboro also made the accomplishments that we he attribute to martin luther king as a symbol of the movement. martin luther king understood that many of the things that we attribute to him would not have been possible without the grassroots of the struggle. and that brings me back to the book that i've written about the last 50 years. when i was a teenager, a 19 year old, i went to the march on washington. and right before going, i met some of these young activists who are associated with the student nonviolent coordinating committee. i must say that that affected the way in which i viewed the march. like everyone else, i wanted to see what martin luther king's concluding speech would be. but i was also interested in the speech of john lewis who was the chair of the student nonviolent coordinating committee. just days before the march, i had met one of the snick activists at a conference. his name was stokely car michael. and from that time on, i understood that when we
readings down in the 40s, 43 in santa rosa and 51 in san francisco right now. 43 in los gatos and 43 in livermore, clear sky giving way to cold temperatures overnight. the likelihood of inland frost in some spots by early tomorrow morning. it will be a cold start, a mild afternoon and dry and warmer conditions will be with us right on through the entire five-day work stretch. here is a look at the roads. freezing mark in the north bay as well as the east bay. napa 33. 43 for san francisco. 38, peninsula, san mateo and 35 for san jose. here is the setup. strong rimming of high pressure responsible for the next five to seven days of dry weather. it will kick the jetstream to the north of us so no rain expected. mild offshore winds and sunny and a little warmer for your monday. we progress into thursday and friday, the high settles over the bay area and we could actually feel temperatures near 70 degrees. it is going to be dry but quite mild out there. 64 expected high in santa rosa tomorrow. 60 in richmond. 59 in san francisco. livermore, 62. 63 for san jose. getting warmer for watsonv
. ridge of high pressure driving those temperatures up. right now, 63 in napa, 63, santa rosa. low 60s walnut creek. hayward, oakland checking in right about 59 degrees. these numbers anywhere from 4 to 8 degrees warmer than we were 24 hours ago. napa and santa rosa closer to 10 to 12 degrees warmer than just a day ago. it's a warming trend that we are going to continue. pacific satellite view. ridge of high pressure over the pacific here. the back edge right about there keeping that storm track well to the north. in fact, it's becoming a bit concerning. 2013 looking awfully dry. some areas perhaps even breaking records at this point for january and now moving into mid-february. so check your grass. you may actually need to turn on the sprinklers. this warming trend will carry us all the way through the week. coming upper 60s in the forecast by thursday. it will be mild that day. winds will remain north and northeast and generally light across the region. 62 expected for berkeley today. 60 in san francisco. 63 in hayward. low to mid-60s for the north bay. 6 o-- low 60s inland east bay.
soaring near 70 degrees. outside now 62 degrees in oakland, 63 santa rosa, 60 in san francisco. blue skies all the way to the beach. and here is that ridge again building in and a dominant ridge. this is going to keep the storm track north of the bay area for the next five to seven days so these temperatures running rather mild. a dry week ahead looks like so yeah, boy, can't change it so might as well enjoy it. looks like overnight tonight, we'll see some patchy fog developing along the coastline and maybe just inside the bay. not a whole lot but maybe just a smidgeon of fog early on. and then looks like we are going to see an offshore wind kick in as we head in toward the latter part of the week. of course, that will help clear out your skies to the coast and warm those temperatures up. 62 degrees expected in san jose, 59 today a little cool into pacifica, east bay temperatures up into the low 60s. and as you head inside the bay we'll find plenty of sunshine and some temperatures running as high as 63 degrees in oakland, about 64 in santa rosa an
as 25 miles an hour. that will keep the temperature up a little more. santa rosa 40 and we already have 37 in novato and 47 san francisco and 37 in livermore. get ready for a nice warm up this coming up week. >>> developing news, a tornado watch after a powerful twister ripped through hattesburg. look as it went through downtown. there are no reports of fatalities so far. it mangled hundreds of homes and businesses in its path and damaged buildings at southern mississippi universities. business will not return to normal in parts of the northeast after this weekend's mega storm dumped up to three feet of snow in some locations. believe it or not, are you looking at the path of a street in milford, connecticut. the city saw a record 38 inches of snowfall during the storm. it overwhelmed milford's snowplow fleet. >> i would say it is one of the biggest i have ever seen. >> this is a situation where we can't pile the snow. this is an event unlike we have ever had before. >> more than a third of all of the snow removal equipment in new york state zeroed in on the county. abandoned cars remai
the temperature up a little more. santa rosa 40 and we already have 37 in novato and 47 san francisco and 37 in livermore. get ready for a nice warm up this coming up week. >>> do tornado watch after a powerful twister ripped through hattesburg. look as it went through downtown. there are no reports of fatalities so far. it mangled hundreds of homes and businesses in its path and damaged buildings at southern mississippi universities. business will not return to normal in parts of the northeast after this weekend's mega storm dumped up to three feet of snow in some locations. believe it or not, are you looking at the path of a street in milford, connecticut. the city saw a record 38 inches of snowfall during the storm. it overwhelmed milford's snowplow fleet. >> i would say it is one of the biggest i have ever seen. >> this is a situation where we can't pile the snow. this is an event unlike we have ever had before. >> more than a third of all of the snow removal equipment in new york state zeroed in on the county. abandoned cars remain scattered along the highways and the local streets. doz
santa rosa at 31. and forecast in livermore at 32. inland, mid-to-upper 30's to low-to-mid 40's around fairfield. the bay area shows, 39 at oakland and the cooler spots are mid-to-upper 30's in los gatos, and elsewhere, around 46 in san francisco and 50 at half moon bay. in the low-to-mid 60's this afternoon but the coast is in the mid-to-upper 50's and breezy from time to time. the big story, warming trend. temperatures by valentine's day, in the low 60's at the coast and mid-to-upper 60's if the rest of us. >> busy commute at the pay bridge where metering lights have been turned on. we have a stall in the right lane on the center anchor possibly causing delays on the upper deck of the eastbound 580, an accident on the shoulder in the eastbound direction. we got word from the richmond san rafael bridge westbound direction of 580, all lanes are open with maintenance work ongoing. and a boulder in the lanes north 880 at 5th in oakland. >> barry bonds returns to federal court this week. on wednesday the 9th circuit court in arizona will hear arguments in his bid to overturn the felony ob
areas held up by a breeze. not everybody. even san jose 31. novato 32. santa rosa 32. concord and livermore 34. there are year areas that are cold. with that offshore breeze temperatures coast and bay have no problem warming up. santa rosa gets a north wicked. that northerly breeze not that strong. this there is enough of a component that means sunshine. patchy fog. 60s on the temps. mid 60s. napa at 63. pitts burg 61. 62 danville. 60s low from san jose. santa clara valley. even along much of the coast. we will continue this need with sunshine and warmer weather. certainly wednesday, thursday, and friday look to be on the very mild side. the weekend looks a little cooler but still dry. >>> european markets are mostly higher this morning. the euro has edged up from a two week low. most markets in asia closed today and much of the week for the lunar new year. futures indicate a higher opening here in the u.s. when our markets open up in a little more than an hour. you can see on friday they posted gains as well. >>> gas prices continue to sore giving consumers less money to spen
. it's freezing in santa rosa at 32. 34 in the napa. 34 livermore more. patchy fog out there again. high pressure huge ridge on the west coast. this is what we have seen almost since january. looks like it's going to stick around for the better part the week and get an offshore wind by the end of the week. of course that will crank up the temperatures. outside today around seasonal for this time of year. usually we are in the 50s and 60s. that's the way it's going to play out give or take a few degrees. it looks like it's going to be a nice afternoon, cool at the coast and warmer days ahead. we'll talk about that in a moment. elizabeth? >> feeling good out there. out on the roads, things are moving pretty much like they should be on a typical monday morning. here's a live look at the san mateo bridge where it should be about a 14-minute drive time between hayward and foster city. on the maps we'll update you on a couple of different incidents. lane closures at second and brannan. for the next three weeks one lane of the embarcadero will be c
channel show in loss angeles county. it happened early saturday--yesterday at polsa rosa branch in the city of acton. >> authorities say all three people died aboard the helicopter. their names not been released. discovery channel and the show's production company had both release statements expressing their separate the to the victim's family. we will be right back. at embassy suites, you get more delicious moreness every morning with a free breakfast made just the way you like it. with a breakfast like this, you could pretty much handle anything. anything? anything. [ screams ] a rambunctious toddler? of course. uncle ralph? sure. a roman gladiator? you bet. the thing under my bed? why not? ♪ yes. [ female announcer ] get more with embassy suites. book early and save up to 20%. with embassy suites. new griddle-melts to yourime usual breakfast sandwich. a lot more flavor. [ anouncer ] ihop's new griddle melts... made fresh and hot! hand crafted just for you. it's like a sexy sandwich. [ anouncer ] compare new griddle melts yourself. just $4.99. it's an epic breakfast sandwich
. the temperatures getting chilly again in spots. freezing now in livermore. just below freezing in santa rosa at 31. 37 in san jose and 48 degrees in san francisco. high pressure the dominant feature here. it will stick around the better part of the weekend just a huge dome again building in along the west coast and sending any chance of rainfall well to the north so we're staying dry. temperatures around seasonal for this time of year usually in the 50s and 60s a every give or take a few degrees it will be right about that by the afternoon. we have much warmer days ahead. we'll talk about that coming up. let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> we have some good sized delays now over at the bay bridge. we have word from a kcbs phone force member that there is a stall on the upper deck. they are working to clear it now but it is blocking one lane in the center anchorage portion of the upper deck so this is what it's doing behind the pay gates. so far those middle fastrak lanes are still getting by okay because they have not activated the metering lights ye
up for the second half of the workweek. 64 in pleasanton. you can see as we get to santa rosa and sflan, upper 50s and low 60s. the pattern is repeating as we start the workweek. notice the numbers. not just for the inland spots but the coast. wednesday, thursday and friday. we're still expecting at least a couple days. thursday into friday. some 70s possible around morgan hill. let's say pleasanton as well. heading toward next week. one out of three computer models tries to bring in showers. right now we'll call for cooling, more clouds. not much in the way of rain or snow. especially considering the time of year. >> trying to bring in some rain. >> trying very hard. >> and going to do it? >> i hope so. >> i put you on the spot. >> could you take care of that for us? isn't that part of your job? >> that's what this thing is supposed to do. >> thanks, rob. >>> let's bring in mindi with a look at sports. >> a beautiful weekend at pebble beach. and jim harbaugh the 49ers head coach was having plenty of it as well. when it is all said and done, a cal graduate and current alameda
closer to 60 degrees. around berkeley, richmond, 58, san francisco. low 60s in santa rosa. once we pass monday and tuesday, high pressure will strengthen. that warming will be felt by us down here at sea level. we'll see upper 60s, close to 70 in the warmest spots. i think friday looks to be the warmest day. by next weekend, the high pressure will give up a little ground but not enough to give us rain. student. next sunday we'll see clouds and cooling. for now, the showers will stay off to the north. then the dry pattern continues. >> a very interesting graphic you picked up. how dry it's been. >>> coming up, joe montana is returning to his old stomping grounds this week. instead of football, a little fashion. >>> hall of famer joe montana will sign autographs this week. the football legend will be at the san francisco store tuesday from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. he will take photos with the first 150 guests in line. shoppers will get to spin the prize wheel for a chance to win a signed football or post card or, this might be the most fun of all, even catch a pass from joe montana. it is a japa
and oakland will be 63 for tomorrow. pretty nice day. the 65 in santa rosa. with the seven day around the bay. not much changing. with some clouds here and there but mostly sunny. the big changes will be the temperatures. we will see those warm up. 60's and 70's. >> the who's who of the music world. gathering in la this weekend. you might think we're talking about the grammy's, but this is a mega benefit event kicking off grammy week. it's called "music cares" - i had a chance to, we're about to take you inches from the stage honoring "the boss!". >> id is an honor to be here tonight. >> the soul of america. >> superstars of the music world - including bay area artists bonnie rait and neil young - gathering to support the grammy's music cares. bruce springsteen named person of the year. >> i am glad to be here for music cares they take care of the musician who are taking care of us. peoples whose music has inspired us and the suit their broken hearts. >> the benefit gala rocked all night long with the likes of sting, john legend. and new artists - mumford and sons.and alabama shakes
. more miss than anything else in the santa rosa 63. more clouds in arizona. while all the active weather remains in the east the west will be relatively quiet and tame. >> i'll take that. 60s and sun. >> a lot of us would sign up. >> any day. >>> a job for shooting a reality tv show crash, proof of life on mars and great news for investors. and joe paterno's widow fights back. "early today" is back in two minutes. >>> welcome back. >> at the top of our news, surprise news from the leaders of the roman catholic church. pope benedict xvi says he plans to step down at the end of the month. he says he no longer has the strength to fulfill the duties of his office. he will go to his summer residence after he steps down and then later move into a cloistered residence in rome. three people are dead after their helicopter crashed in northern los angeles county. it happened during the filming of a new military-themed reality show for the discovery channel. no word on what caused the crash. >>> the death toll from a stampede during a religious festival in northern india is now up to 36. it happene
rosa and san francisco could be the same, maybe a degree cooler. that puts us in the low-to-mid 60 but long the coast in the san francisco area where we will have mid-to-upper 50's. 57 in monterey. low-to-mid 60's for the rest of the bay and inland. tonight, we have mid-to-upper 30's i land and mid-to-upper 30's around the bay and closer to san francisco, oakland and san mateo, we will have low-to-mid 40s. by the time the warmth is here 56 valentine's day we could be near 70 and warmer-than-average saturday and sunday this weekend^. >> now, back to hayward, the only democratic on the roadways, northbound 880 at 92, two right lanes remain blocked. it is early enough i do not see significant slow downs with c.h.p. on the scene getting a tow truck to get the cars out of the way. otherwise, the drive out of the e-bay -- east bay, antioch, looks great. and same from the central valley with no delays and good and over the altamont pass for this time of the morning, and, now, a look at san mateo bridge, the first look this morning, the tail lights headed to foster city on the flat selecti
't matter top to bottom santa rosa to gilroy. about 58-62. if we were playing the lot toe looking for five sons we'd have them there. i think we'll see upper 60s maybe our first 70s of the season by late thursday or friday. weekend looks good. maybe a little cooler but that is it by sunday. >>> san francisco symphony won a grammy for best performance. the recording is of a live concert of two pieces by bay area composer john adams. thomas conducted the performance. it's the 15th grammy for the summon -- symphony. >>> the hearing expected adopt in los gatos. >>> we continue to follow breaking news after that big announcement from the pope this morning. more on why he's decided to step down. >> northbound 101 san francisco looks pretty good approaching the 80 split. we'll tell you more about the morning commute and the bay weather. >>> good morning. skies are clear. everything will be offshore as a very quiet pattern. temperatures upper 50s and low 60s. >>> if you were just joining us this morning we are following breaking new from the vatican the leader of the roman catholic church is resig
francisco, 54, santa rosa, right now, the mild spot at 60 degrees. another chill he night tonight. reminder, it is still early february. we are going to get mild later this week, clear skies, radiational cooling. cold, chose to freezing for fremont, concourt, mountain view, san jose and napa down to that degrees. you have seen this before. i just told you many communities are experiencing the driest, driest, never this dry to start the year, kpix-5 is dry once again. the snowpack, dropping, down to 81% of normal. that is 55% lower than what we were six weeks ago. let's talk about this week coming up. we had one big dome of high pressure that will keep us dry all weeklong. you can see the clouds, everything moving north to south. that is because the high pressure is off to the west. as it stays off to the west we are protected by it. getting the cooling influence of air over alaska and british columbia. so, mornings will be cold. and the next couple of days we will struggle to make it in the low 60s in the afternoon. now, high pressure inches
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by wednesday. maybe thursday or friday for sure. santa rosa is the only one holding onto 100% of normal for the rain season. we did so well october, november, december. but a dry january and what's looking to be a dry february looks like these numbers will continue to go down, down, down. there is a lot of rain in tallahassee. they've had 4, 5 inches. severe lining up from atlanta back through alabama, mississippi, and north of new orleans and even into texas. for us, not a chance on anything here. looked really quiet except for sunny and warm. 30s and 40s. 50. 37 fairfield. there's still a component of an easterly breeze. north napa, northeast or east, even oakland hills and an easterly breeze. there are some that are mild. sunny, breezy, cold morning, inland. slightly warm. afternoon temperatures, 60s for many. low to mid. they will continue to come up. this might be the coolest day of the week. warmer temperatures stay in oakland and antioch. looks nice on the coast. very close on all of the temperatures here. low -- upper 50s, to a low to mid-60s. sunny side up and mild to warmer. t
for santa rosa for tonight and another cold night. like what we have with this live look in the san jose. temperatures in the 40's with clear skies. look for clear conditions and a sunny for tomorrow. temperatures in the morning with highs making it to the low 60s. a few degrees warmer but we still have that cool start. with 20's and 30's. below freezing for livermore. 40's by the bay with warmer temperatures compared to last week. the blizzard that pummeled northeastern states has drifted out to sea, and now the clean up effort begins. hundreds of thousands are still without power, and as much as three feet of snow blankets parts of the new england. tory dunnan takes a look at how folks are clearing, and in some part. even enjoying the snow. >> reporter: from sholes, to bobcats, they started clearing the with amounts of snow, from shovels. they are working to free his car. >> all were british court room to look do not open to all be aware there is nowhere to go. >> president obama is showing this state of emergency. >> our biggest problem is looking down the city of the alley. with 40 i
. in sant rosa, a. we have not accumulated much barely over an inch for santo rose up. we are dry for this time of year. 7 day around the bay forecast shows not a raindrop in sight. temperatures will climb. when will build and cut a little warmer the last week. ladislaus sitting in the upper 60s. pleasant weather as we transition into the weekend and we do not have any chances for wet weather and so maybe next tuesday and wednesday. >> commute volume building around the bay area but no hot spots. they bridge drive times and clive to 60 minutes, average drive time for the three main approaches to the bridge. the san mateo bridge is still holding at a comfortable 11 minute commute time. no big increase in any of the drive times yet. the golden gate bridge is a smooth ride also 41 01 southbound. east shore freeway 19 minutes from hercules to berkeley. the side of a slowing and 680 south into walnut creek. south bay freeways look pretty good at leading to saratoga and 1785 stars as slow a little. what 01 stars as well approaching the 2 80/680 interchange. no delays between about and c
layer way out to sea. we're crystal clear from santa rosa down south today. the north bay will register the warmest, 67 for san jose. we'll touch on the low 60s here in san jose. 60 in san francisco. we'll see an onshore flow tomorrow morning. a little bit of coastal fog. fog off the bay around 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. won't last long. we'll clear that sky out by noon. then high pressure really gets busy. we're talking about temperatures really starting to warm up wednesday through friday. that is the warmest timeframe, but the good news is jon and marla, we'll hold on to beautiful weather all throughout the upcoming we could. hold off of scottsdale, marla, until the following weekend when our temperatures drop off. >> i'm looking at the end of march. it should be good then. >> a little travel advisory there. angel pagan autograph maybe? >> i hope. >> and photo. >> it will be on facebook if so. coming up at 11:00, b.a.r.t. is stepping up its effort to crack down on bad behavior. why some people could soon be without ride. >>> how about a look bakt the grammys? >>> welcome back, everybody. b.
, santa rosa, napa, 32, livermore, 32 degrees. speaking of sonoma and napa you are having the driest start to a new year ever. it has just been that dry and taking its toll on our snow pack. 55% down since the top of the year. we were originally 136% of normal now down to 81%. we could use snow in the sierra and rainfall mother nature says that is not what i have for the next week. she has a huge dome of high pressure it will act like a good offensive tackle and not let anything get close to the quarterback. high pressure taking the storm track, shoving it up towards alaska and southern british columbia. it will be chilly especially at night, clear skies, february, 14 hours of darkness cold at night. similar temperatures for the next couple nights. with this high blocking area of high pressure not going any where we will be high. as that inches closer to us we will gain a degree or two each day. 60 tomorrow, by the end of the week likely close to 70 degrees. inland valley, walnut creek, concord, liver more and napa, we will get warm era little b
, tiene toda la informacion de este caso... claudia.. asi es maria rosa jonathan aguiluc, no vino fisicamente a la corte... estuvo presente a traves de una camara... se le veia calmado, y por momentos miraba al suelo mientras trataba de entender lo que es juez le decia. claudia uceda intro: asi es maria/mario jonathan aguiluc, no vino fisicamente a la corte... estuvo presente a traves de una camara... se le veia calmado, y por momentos miraba al suelo mientras trataba de entender lo que es juez le decia.... compadecio en la corte... el nino salvadoreno de 14 anos, jonathan aguiluc, acusado por asesinar a su hermana de 7 meses testifico en la corte a traves de una camara... el juez ordeno que el joven sea transferido a un centro de detencion juvenil, mientras revisan su caso... john mccarthy fiscal general del estado de maryland "en el estado de maryland, es obligatorio que si cometes un crimen de primer grado debes de ser acusado como un adulto al principio pero eso podria cambiar en el transcurso de las proximas semanas... " documentos de la corte muestran el reporte policial el
city. >> a dry day ahead of us in the north bay. 59 and petaluma. 61 in santa rosa. berkeley 61 the same for alameda. >> lows 60s for downtown san francisco. 59 in san bruno. >> satellite and radar shows clear dry conditions of the bay area. we will gain between 1 and 4 degrees each day. temperatures will continue to climb. >> your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows we gained a couple of degrees every day. by thursday into friday we are talking upper 60s for most of us. >> that includes the coastline. we could see beach like conditions and will continue with the pleasant weather, dry weather as the transition to the weekend. >> we do have changes as we start the next work weeks i have more details coming up shortly. >> the traffic center is not monitoring any delays no hot spots to concern yourself with. >> at the bay bridge toll plaza no wait at the pay gates. >> san mateo bridge looking good to go commute with no backup at toll plaza. >> south bound 101 golden gate bridge shot no problems with visibility. we could see dense fog for some of our north bay valley spirit >
areas including san francisco and santa rosa the same. low-to-mid 60's but the coast upper 50's and a breeze. tonight the temperatures are in the 30's and 40's but the slow warming trend takes us to near 70 by friday. >> westbound 580 with a new accident in the median at north livermore and an early car fire is cleared but traffic is still jammed with bart delay at ffo direction from concord. >> thank you. please join announcer: it's "like with kelly and michael." today award winning actress jane lynch. and from the new film "beautiful creatures" emmy rossum. plus, it's fashion week and we're going to show you some of the hottest trends of the season. all next on the emmy-award winning "live." . [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] announcer: now here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪ [cheers and applause] kelly: oh, boy! oh, boy everybody. it's february 11, 2013.
. it was the language that tried to push rosa parks to the back of the boss. separate but equal is the motifs that determined that black and white people could not possibly drink from the same water fountain, it eat at the same table, or use the same table. separate but equal are the words that justified separating black children from white schools, schools that would condemn them and tell them to a life in poverty. it is the same statement, the same idea, and the same dilution that we used in this country to say women could vote, but only if they were married and if they were over 30. it was the same naÏve otay that gave way for my dad, being a citizen, but refused by landlords. it is entrenched in who we are. this is not separate but equal. it is separate and discriminatory, separate and oppressed, separate and the brow beaten. separate is not equal. let's be rid of it. as long as there was -- as long as there is one rule for us and another for them, we allow barriers to go unchallenged. as long as our statute books suggest love between the two men or women is not worthy of being recognize
. >> you're awoman. [ ♪ "world news tonight" ♪ ] >> sid in santa rosa, i had such a good time with you in vegas. you can take me anywhere with you. i'm a podcast i'm an app. i'm a contraceptive foam. >> you didn't bug me. >> stephanie: apparently we had a great time in vegas. >> you don't go to vegas a lot. >> stephanie: no but my app does. >> i can't picture you in vegas. >> stephanie: i hate vegas. i don't have the stomach for it. i lost a quarter in a slot machine once. i'm like i'm out. >> there's other stuff to do there. >> stephanie: really? all right. rocky mountain mike by the way. we've been having an on-going debate about "zero dark thirty" like most movies, i fell asleep in the first ten minutes isn't i can't render a full opinion. rocky mountain mike said i think the movie clearly shows information that was very indirect in the discovery of bin laden's whereabouts. great movie making. he agrees with high-strung sexy liberal tour director, roland. >> i think if you have it on in the background as noise while you're cleaning the house or something, you might come to a conclus
in places like santa rosa. 62 on the east shore and fremont. right here in san jose, 61 degrees. getting into tomorrow temperatures level off, then the climb is on. wednesday through friday temperatures starting to exceed their seasonal averages. in fact we'll be at the 70 degree mark by friday and hold on to that warmth through the weekend. let's check your traffic. >> we're looking at the 101 in palo alto north of university. slow a bit into mountain view but not a big deal. oakland get a look at 880 as the traffic is slow through the area. but the southbound side, the earlier crash has cleared. still latent t slow down toward the coliseum. but not a big deal. also not a big deal through hayward. but 580 is the issue. we had a crash, that clear bud there's still a stall over near vasco road. a tough drive getting into livermore. an earlier crash had moved to the shoulder but still a distraction from sunol into fremont. >> we'll be back with our next update in about 30. 9:56. >>> the snow has turned to rain here in new york city. we're back now with more of "today" on a monday morning.
is a fraud. separate but equal is the language that tries to push rosa parks to the back of the bus. separate but equal is the motive that determines that black and white people could not possibly drink from the same water fountain to meet at the same table, or use the same toilet. separate but equal is the words that justifies spending -- sending children to different schools that would bail them ann them to a life of poverty. is an excerpt from the segregationist and the racist. it is this same statement, the same ideas, and the same delusion that we borrowed in this country to say that women could vote, but only if they were married and only when they were over 30. it is the same meditate that gave wait for my dad being a citizen when he arrived here in 1956 but refused by landlords and proclaimed no rights, no irish, though -- entrance to we were, who our friends could be and what our lives to become. this is not separate but equal. it is separate and discriminated , separate and repressed, separate and browbeaten, separate and subjugated. separate is not equal. so let's be rid of it. as
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